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Cooperating with other leading companies and manufacturing companies, we always confront technical challenges on customer’s side. By testing products in more severe situation than normal, CHEIL contributes to increase customer’s productivity, performance and benefit.

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japan SUGIYAMA Mecharetro Co. homepage link

SUGIYAMA Mecharetro Co. has been established at Gifu province of Japan since 1945.As a No.1 technology-integrated enterprise, it runs business including fabrication, retrofitting, retooling, and repairing of industrial facilities in variable areas of Japan. CHEIL made an agreement with SUGIYAMA in 2004, and has maintained interactive relationship in every business part such as technology, capital, strategy, and so on.

SUGIYAMA Mecharetro Co

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China China CHEIL E&M Co.

China CHEIL E&M Co., as a joint Corporationin China, has been established at Zhouzhou in China since January 2015 with a view to discovering new business opportunities in expanding China’s heavy/motor/steel industry. We have achieved substantial results at BAIC, Hyundai Motor Company and steel companies in Shandong province.

China CHEIL E&M Co