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If any other question, please use the e-Mail.


질문 Can I get a more detailed project list performed by CHEIL?

By the security policy and the agreement with customer, the detailed experience list is forbidden to be open in public.If you hope to have it, please visit our company with your specific plan. Then the detailed list relevant to your plan may be shared after initial counselling process​.

질문 Can I get more information about overhaul or renovation work?

The works proceeds in order of consultation take over disassemble diagnosis revise assemble inspection → deliver installation.

There are restrictions to sharing information about completed or on going works because of customers’ security regulation. The specific data about those issues which the customer is confronted with will be provided after a business counsel with our specialists

질문 In the case of the repair projecton a huge scale, is it possible to be performed in the site of customer?

It depends on the work-scope, duration time, and management condition of customer’s plant. If the customer’s site already satisfies all conditions for performing project, such as space, utilities, etc., it can be possible. Other wise the project will be performed at CHEIL’s site, with careful process of disassembling-assembling, and try-out.It might incur extra cost of delivery and reassembling.


질문 For the entire problems in production lines, can CHEIL suggest the method of preventing the cost risks and efficiency risks which may happen if reacted case by case?

CHEIL can suggest the solution through consulting, based on experiences as a result of long relationship with various customers and relevant companies. We make total solution about the problems not only on the each machine but also in the whole production lines, and suggest alternative access to customer’s problem by Turn-Key project.

질문 Please explain CHEIL’s assurance (Warranty) policy.
답변 For the renovation/repair, CHEIL guarantees 6 months. For the fabrication (new build), it is guaranteed 1 year. The consumable components have different assurance policy depending on each case.
In the case of renovation/repair work performed by CHEIL, CHEIL’s warranty might replace the original one of initial maker when it is expired. (varied by maker’s policies)